Dance of Death

It's 12 in the night The moon to it's height The graveyard is so silent And I'm dancing on the vibe What is wrong, what is right The dead on their horse are riding It's a sight you don't want to miss It's a party in the hell's bliss Tonight I'm chosen Bodies hang on … Continue reading Dance of Death


Silent Screams

Can anybody hear me? Or am I talking to myself Can anybody save me? Or am I standing outside hell Why is that you're gone And I am so lone It's the pain so beautiful And emptiness I've known These are my silent screams Begging for your love No one can hear me Just listen … Continue reading Silent Screams

Internet of Things: Smarter World, Dumber Humans

Do you ever wish to develop a system which would sense everything you do? Right from exiting your home, entering your car, parking it and entering your office? The sensors all interconnected over Wi-Fi sending details what time you exited the house so that the AC in your car functions and adjusts the temperature to … Continue reading Internet of Things: Smarter World, Dumber Humans