Just Drinks

Disclaimer: People who think writing erotic story is a taboo and not a style of writing are advised to not proceed further.

“Do you want to join me for a drink?” I gave Jyoti a dreaded look. “It’s just drinks. Please.” Jyoti tried to protest. I chuckled and replied with a wicked smile, “It’s never just drinks Jyoti. Never.”

Jyoti was a colleague and we were friends since our college days. I had always admired her as a close friend and I had many times went out with her for a hangout, drinks or whenever she wanted someone to talk to. That day she was acting a little wierd and had asked me a couple of times if I would like to join her for a couple of rounds after office hours. When I was packing my stuff after a tiring and shitty day, she approached me for the fifth time and guaranteed that it was just drinks.

“I’ll drive.” I took the car keys from Jyoti. I turned ON the ignition, revving the engine and we were on our way to a nearby club. It was a Wednesday but the crowd was quite unexpected. There were more people than I had expected to encounter.

“Why are you looking so serious Aadesh? Just chill out. We are here to relax ourselves.” We were waiting in a queue for our turn to enter. I shrugged. “Well, it’s just your behavior today which I am finding a bit strange. You are behaving all odd today. Is everything okay?” I was a little worried about her. Maybe she wanted to tell me something or maybe it was another attempt of her to woo me into a relationship with her. My answer was well prepared in advance. “Chill dude and I’ll guarantee you a nice time”, she said and winked at me. She hit the bar as soon as we inside and had ordered a Martini for herself.

“Whoa! Whoa! Easy Jyoti.” I was pulling the glass away from her when she stretched out her hand for a 5th round. “What is this all about? You’ve had enough already. Let’s drive you home now, shall we?” She gave me a pleasing look, as if she was begging me to understand her eyes, asking me to hear her silence.

“What are you looking at?” I screamed at her. She looked down at her feet. “Aadesh, there is something I want to tell you.” She was looking at me making her poor dog face. I lifted my brow. “You are a party crasher, asshole. Drink, you idiot and let me drink.” She slammed the empty glass on the counter. Her eyes were red & weary and was muttering something in a gibberish language that I didn’t understand.

“Ok, Ms. Jyoti. Now you’ve really had enough.”

She brought herself close to me, whispering seductively in my ear, “Let’s dance now.” I was mesmerised by that tone and we hit the dance floor. She was dancing close to me and was holding me the whole time. The song was some electronic music and we were in the groove. Then suddenly, the music dropped and the beat simplified a little. Jyoti was looking at me passionately, her eyes were begging me to hold her tight. I grabbed her by her waist and brought her close to me. We looked in each other’s eyes for a while. I could see her heart melting through her eyes. And then it happened.

We were staring at each other, looking deep in the eyes as if searching for the last piece of darkness in the soul to cast it out. She brought her face close to me and looked at me lovingly. I could drown in those eyes. I closed my eyes and allowed my senses to guide me with whatever was about to happen. The next thing I knew was the taste of her lips. Our lips locked and our hearts twined with each other. It was something I had never expected. It just happened. And I was just living in the moment, enjoying every second of her lips over mine. I released her suddenly, broke the kiss and came back to my senses. The electronic music that was playing in the club was again audible to my ears.

She was looking at me with that pleasing look she always used to lure me into agreeing with her, again. “We shouldn’t Jyoti. We will end up ruining..” and the words were left unspoken when she stopped me from saying anymore by kissing my lips. I put my hands around her waist and pulled her closer to me. “Why don’t we take this party to your place?”, I whispered into her ear. Her eyes gleamed and she nodded cheerfully.

I took her by the hand and led her away from the crowd exiting the club. We were on the road again driving to Jyoti’s house. The car came to a halt in the parking lot of a suburban villa. “Damn! She’s rich” I thought to myself and held the door open for her, “Our destination has arrived, my lady.” She giggled. I followed her into the house and sat down on the sofa beside her. I was staring her, reading her body. She was a beautiful girl, round face and thick dense black hair falling down her shoulders. Her white shirt and black pant showed off a person who respected her work.

“Are you just going to watch or?”, she said with a wicked smile and came closer to me. I replied by placing a kiss on her lips. “You can do whatever you want to me all night long”, and she buried her face into mine. We were kissing each other madly. There was an insatiable fire in her lips which was on hold for too long. And today, I had invited the devil to my home. I lift her up in my arms and her legs locked around me. We were busy tasting each other’s lips and I took her to the bedroom. Kissing her lips, I gently placed her on the bed and lied down beside her.

She took my hands while kissing me and placed them on her waist. I grabbed her and brought her on top of me. There was a hunger in her eyes and I was determined to satisfy it tonight. My hands lifted her shirt a bit and rested on her smooth skin. Her tongue was exploring my mouth when my fingers were feeling her smooth skin. I was running my fingers all over her waist & back and she was kissing me deeper. I took my hands out and placed them on her shoulders. She understood what I wanted and broke the kiss. Sitting up and staring right into my eyes, Jyoti began to unbutton her shirt. Taking her hands backwards, she also unhooked her bra but didn’t remove either piece of clothing. I also sat up and she kissed my lips lovingly. There was a warmth and passion in her kiss, a longing in her eyes alongside that hunger. Jyoti lied down on the bed and I came on top of her.

She put her arms around me and I kissed her lips. Then my lips began to move down kissing her neck. She was taking heavy breaths and was heaving when my lips kept moving downwards kissing her passionately. I took my hands to her shirt and removed her shirt to uncover what was hidden beneath. Her breaths were becoming heavier and I was getting higher. I inserted my finger in her cleavage and took off the black bra to reveal the perfectly round and firm breasts. She let out a moan when my lips enclosed her natural mounds, feeling their softness and warmth with my lips and tongue. She unbuttoned my shirt and removed it from my body. I sucked on her breasts, tasting the flesh of her nipples. 

My hands were busy with her pants and successfully brought them down. I sat up and she came to kiss my lips. I kissed her back. “What happened?”, her voice was filled with love. “Nothing”, and I kissed her again fondling her breasts. I made her lie down and took off my jeans. I smiled at her and lied on top of her. She closed her eyes when I was kissing her lips and entered her. She was so warm inside, the walls of her organ clamping me tight. She was moaning and I was entering her deeper, exerting some force. I wanted to feel her till the depth and make her experience the best night she ever had. I then started sliding my tool in her wet passage, gently and slowly allowing her to ease. ” Do it, please.”, she was begging me to feel it and I was more than happy to obey. The rhythmic movements started and I was gradually increasing my speed. The only audible sounds were of colliding flesh and Jyoti’s moans. She was breathing heavily, locking her legs around my hips and pushing me deeper. Jyoti was bouncing with my thrusts and I could feel myself getting weaker. Her lock was tighter preventing me from moving even a bit other than the to and fro direction and then we both eased. Relaxed and exhausted at the same time. It was a night of intense love making, lust and passion for each other.

Jyoti snapped her fingers, “Hello? You coming or not?” I was brought out of my daydreaming give her a warm smile. Picking up my bag and ready to leave, I looked at her. She was waiting for an answer. “It’s never just drinks Jyoti. Never.


57 thoughts on “Just Drinks

  1. U should try to Make your daydreaming become reality..

    You might be surprised 😳 to find out that she feels the same way you do..

    That was some really wild 😜 sexual imagination you got..

    And it definitely can be more..

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