Forgive Me

Forgive me, my daughter

I couldn’t save you from them

When they robbed your honor

I wasn’t there to make them visit hell

Forgive me, my daughter

I didn’t honour our bond

“I’ll protect you always, my angel”

And left you to the mercy of God

Forgive me, my daughter

That I didn’t warn you from them wolves

“Enjoy at the party, honey!”

Waiting in the alley to taste your youth

Forgive me, my daughter

I raised you to be free

“Value your freedom always, angel”

They took pride in their bawdy

Forgive me, my daughter

I didn’t teach you to be home before 10

“Look around. Enjoy the night life, honey”

Preparing you for the lion’s den

Forgive me, my daughter

I didn’t teach you to dress

“Try this skirt. You’ll look great in it”

Making you a perfect cress

Forgive me, my daughter

I didn’t hear your sobs and cry

When they were ripping apart that dress

Devouring on you like a prize

Forgive me, my daughter

I couldn’t watch you in pain

Revenge consumed me

When they secured a bail

Forgive me, my daughter

I had to seek my vengeance

Their bodies rot in a dungeon

Judgement from the law was absent

Forgive me, my daughter

You’ll not have a beautiful life

The horror will haunt you always

The society and it’s sympathy? A lie

Forgive me, my daughter

I didn’t do any of these

That would have saved you

But I beg you, forgive me please


88 thoughts on “Forgive Me

    1. It is fictional. I hope no father should witness such misfortune with their daughter and express their feelings in a poem like this. Thank you for following me back and reading my post. I will surely read and give my comment on your posts too. ๐Ÿ™‚

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  1. Intense poem. I think you capture the grief and guilt of parents, in many circumstances, who aren’t able to protect their children from a world that is often cruel. It’s a strange trick of life in that it feels like a sacred duty and yet it’s impossible to achieve.

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    1. It is, sir. We are living in a hypocritic society where girls are taught to please their husbands but boys are not taught to respect a woman. A world where if a girl is a wearing short dress and hanging out late at night she is up for a rough night sex. I’m sure this scenario can be observed in other parts of the world too and not just in India.

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  2. Often parents will blame themselves, even if they’ve done the best they could. That’s how I read this poem. A nice depiction of the emotional trauma a parent might go through, and nice point mentioning how society might perceive the act–does the dress mean anything, should she have worn that dress–maybe she asked for it. No matter what a girl wears, it does not give rights to rape. I’ve been a victim advocate for rape, some time ago, and thought I would this out there too–victims do not asked to be raped. I like how you illustrate these ideas. Nice depiction of a sad fate some have met.

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    1. I agree. No girl is roaming the streets with a board reading ‘Ready be Raped’. People need to understand that not everything is a signal. We need to stop saying ‘I thought’. She is wearing short dress? Maybe she wants someone to tear it apart. She is out late? Maybe she is looking for a man tonight. She is getting drunk at the party? Maybe she wants to hook up with someone here.

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  3. Such poignant loss and pain and regret. If the poem tells a true story of your life, I offer my condolences. Even if it doesn’t, the poem speaks truth about the ugliness of life and so many innocents that suffer at the hands of demons.

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  4. That was heart wrenching. What I would not give for a letter like that from my father. True love, unconditional, true remorse for something that wasn’t your fault but you wished you could have prevented. Its really awesome.

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  5. It’s better not to teach girls about how to stay than to teach boys not to touch any of the girls body.. Its scripted nice but teach your girls to come. Home early or dress presentable for grooming their personality and not for protection of the vultures of society who might eat a girl or a lady even I Saree..

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    1. I completely agree with you Shraddha. Girls should be taught to dress to present themselves, not save themselves. More importantly, boys should be taught how to treat a lady rather than giving them freedom to do whatever they want to.

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