Burning Roses

Lay beside me
Under this burning sky
It’s raining blood
And I’m draining of life
The ghosts of the past
Are dancing around me
And I’m lying on my death bed
Tied with your memories

It’s a mistake I made
Being led away by evil forces
In my hand in holding
A bunch of burning roses
On the ground I fell
And I only wish to tell
As the door closes
All that remains are burning roses

I remember all the plans we made
And the path we made to a different place
The poison of hate run up my veins
As I tear my skin away
It’s like I’m losing my mind
And I wanna be caught up in time
The angels shed their wings and fall down
The heaven is weeping with a thundering sound

So alone, so far gone
Hand in hand, our future blocked
I’m alone but no one knows it
Send to my grave burning roses
I am lost, I’m in pain
Sit beside me and turn the page
So cold, my heart is frozen
All I see are burning roses

I played king and you were my queen
I’m talking now so silence please
I see our sand castle on the beach
I can’t touch it, nor can feel
We built our house block by block
But on the way I took a fall
You left me dying with my agony
We built it up
They’re bringing it back down
Give me a chance
I want to turn this around
The doors are closing
But the sun shines through
I try to rise from my grave
And make my dreams come true

As I take my final breath
The Satan is holding my hand
I kiss you goodbye in my mind
Leave this body for the final time

I wish we could be more
I wish we were for life
I walk the road to death, as Satan shows it
My grave is decorated with Burning Roses!


11 thoughts on “Burning Roses

  1. That is good.
    Something more important is,
    The rhyming scheme
    Somewhere it’s aabb
    Other it’s aaabb abab.
    That note is good later then you will do better in literature rather than engineering.
    Keep it up bro.

    Liked by 2 people

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