Sitting alone on the bench under the glowing streetlamp, she was crying. Her sobs were audible to the farthest mile in this deadly silence and not a single soul to offer her their sympathies or condolences to calm her troubled body and mind.

“We are over!” These words echoed in her mind. It just kept playing again and again like a broken cassette stuck in a tape recorder. Every moment she spent with the love of her life, every second that she heard his breath and every little stupid topic they chatted about for hours was flashing in her mind. Those memories swirling before her eyes. And there she was, alone, crying tears of blood.

The happy and cheerful girl was now silent. She could not think about what she will do now. How will she survive in a future where each and every moment was planned with them being together? She suddenly felt weak. It felt like her limbs were struck by something and now she could not even move a finger.

Her mind backtracked and the scene again came into play before her eyes.

“We are over!” she heard him say and suddenly everything froze around her. She paid no attention to whatever he was muttering. Her mind was stuck only on that one line. She could not believe what she just heard. Her legs felt weak and she sat down on the nearby bench. Her eyes filled with tears and when she could no longer hold back, burst out into sobs. He tried to comfort her, placed a hand on her shoulder but she screamed, “Stay away from me! Don’t you even touch me! Just go! Leave!”

With his head bowed down, he stood up. And then she heard those three words oozing from his mouth which pierced her already broken heart, “I am sorry.”

“Just leave!” she screamed with rage filled in her voice.

He turned around and left, never to come back.

She shuddered when a cold wind snapped her out of that scene and those memories which now she bore like a dead weight. She stared down the road where she watched him leave forever just a few hours ago. She looked up the sky. The sun had set in and the sky looked glazy with a tincture of red and orange. Her eyes were dry due to her continuous stream of tears which rolled down her cheeks. She wiped her tears, fixed her hairs in a bun and tried to calm herself. She gathered whatever strength was left in her and started walking towards the high rise apartments she saw while coming here.

The next day headlines read, ‘Girl Kills Herself by Jumping off the Terrace’.


12 thoughts on “Over

  1. Wwoohhooo …very well written buddy….amazing…..but the end could be more beautifully placed not by suicide but a new start. Since, was fabulous ….waiting for more haan 😉

    Liked by 1 person

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